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Look no further! The team at BCE Inc. has decades of experience to get the job done accurately, on-time and under budget.


Stuff We Are Really Good At

Commercial TI’s

Specialized in tenant improvement

Commercial TI’s

From demolition to final trim, we work with building owners, general contractor and new tenants to customize their office space for their needs. We go over every detail to get things right the first time. We know how important move in dates are and know that time is money! We will turnover projects when you need them.


Finding the root cause


Here at Blue Coast Electric our electrical techs have had many years in the trade and have seen many different scenarios and have had substantial experience to find the root cause of your electrical problems and get them fixed!

Home Remodels

Expanding the living area

Home Remodels

We work with Architects, general contractors, interior designers and most importantly you, the homeowners to customize your home to suite your needs. We know how important your living space is for you and your family.We Specialize in state of the art control systems to save you on energy bills and to help keep California green.

Industrial Applications

State of the art Control Systems

Industrial Applications

Blue Coast Electric can also handle light industrial jobs including conveyor wiring and repair, machine hook-up and control wiring, PLC troubleshooting, 4-20mA instruments, pumps and motor control of all types. We can Install seal-off application for explosion proof applications and PVC coated galvanized for corrosion proof applications.


6 Short Steps Towards Your Project Goal
  • 1. Discussion

    Give us a call! We will come to project site and talk with you in person. Find out your exact needs and help you to sketch up an idea or a vision you may have.

  • 2. Planning

    We can walk the job and answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge. We understand the planning stage is one of the most important stages and we will stay focused to plan the job appropriately.

  • 3. Our Offer

    Once we have discussed the needs and wants of our customers, we will send out a proposal. We can offer different solutions, (value engineering) to better suit your needs and your budget.

  • 4. Your Order

    If a customer has agreed to terms and has signed the proposal and contract we will begin ordering of electrical materials and fixtures. We go back to step 2 and begin to work our plan.

  • 5. On Site Work

    Our team will mobilize on site. We will begin work keeping in mind all current electrical codes. We work side by side with other trades to make sure we get everything right the first time. We stay true to the blueprints. We stay true to homeowners needs. We keep our customers updated throughout the process. We are neat and tidy and use only the best of electrical materials.

  • 6. Punchlist

    As with all jobs, there is a follow up after the original install. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, we will be there with no hesitation to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied!

Let's Discuss Your Project!



Let’s Discuss Your Project!


Why Work With Us

Best in Class

Blue Coast Electric is a highly sought after electrical contractor in the South Bay. One of few electrical contractors with a wide variety of experience from residential to Industrial. BCE is also one of small circle of contractors who do work for the city of Torrance electrical department, water department, parks and rec department.

On Time

We understand the importance of getting a job on time. We will work extra hours, weekends and nights to get your project finishes so you can continue on with taking care of business or taking care of your family.


Most projects run into problems and issues. Somethings don’t fit where they should or an unforeseen hidden challenges might arrive that work on paper but not necessarily in the field. Here at Blue Coast Electric we can offer many different solutions to get the problem solved and move on with the install.


The team at Blue Coast Electric has many years in the field with knowledge of many different applications yet we are still learning new things every day. It is mandatory for all our journeyman and apprentice electricians to continue their educations and keep their certifications up to date.

Victor Eckleberry

Victor began his electrical apprenticeship at 19 years old. He worked under a tough old school electrician who started him off studying the national electric code every day and learning correct nomenclature of all electrical terms and electrical components.

After becoming a journeyman electrician, Victor traveled the country working on various electrical projects such as conveyor systems, stadiums, oil fields and wiring navy ships.

After coming back home to Southern California Victor began his foremanship for many years wiring up hospital procedure rooms such as ct scans, mri rooms, X-ray rooms etc. Victor Started his business in 2015, he has done many projects from residential new construction, remodels, commercial Teneant improvements, industrial machine control and power wiring. Victor Lives in South Torrance with his son Evan and his cat and his dog.


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